Propel your Personal Training business with TrainerForce.

With the help of TrainerForce, you can expand your business to the Internet both by training clients online and by assisting in-person clients through your website. You'll be able to attract more new clients (from all over the world) and retain more of your current clients. You'll be able to give your clients extra attention to ensure their success, which helps ensure your business success.

Give your clients online support, even if all of them train with you In-Person!! We are in a very technological world now and your clients are not only accustom to using the Internet to get information and support, but they EXPECT it. Our cutting-edge communication tools let your clients update you regularly on their daily happenings -- how'd they eat, what exercise did they do, how much sleep did they get -- and also share pictures, write an online wellness journal and even upload their own videos.

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With TrainerForce you get everything you need to successfully train clients online:


Trainer Wizard Design-A-Program

Custom Meal Plans

Customize Your Own Personalized Website Area

Add Your Own Custom Exercises

Upload Streaming Videos

Share Personal Podcasts With Clients

Multiple Membership Levels

Nutritional Database

Ability To Easily Accept Online Payments



FitTracker Chart Creator

TeamUp Fitness Module

 Automated E-mail Alerts Sent To Your Clients

Accountability Workout and Food Logs

Valuable Fitness Charts

Personalized Message Board

Send Group E-Mails

Client Assessment Forms

Daily Fitness Tips

Nutrition Tips

Monthly Fitness Newsletter

Cell Phone Access



My Active Profile Page

Healthy Recipes

Multiple Personalized Website Pages

Food Journal

Custom Fitness Assessment Forms

Web Hosting Included

Exercise Technique Demos

Fitness Articles

Ready-To-Go Workout Routines

Marketing Tips and Guidance

Use Of TrainerForce Image Library



You'll be able to provide your clients with all of these valuable resources without any work. Simply enroll in the TrainerForce program and you'll instantly be able to provide your clients with a unique member ID and password so they can have access to all of these fitness resources to further help ensure their success. You'll have your own personal webpage address at: that can be branded with your own logo/header.















































Trainer Wizard Design-A-Program -- Create Endless Workout Programs. Our exclusive Trainer Wizard allows you to generate top-of-the-line, professional workout programs quickly and easily. Our wizard doesn't require any special technical or Internet skills. It's simple and quick to use. In just a few steps you select the exercises you want in the plan, the equipment, resistance, frequency, etc. and the plan is automatically created for you.

Exercise Technique Demos -- We have a library of more than 2,000 exercises demos. Each includes an animated demonstration and specific written instructions. So your clients can always log on to verify they are using correct form when following your workout recommendations. Our library is very comprehensive, including exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, weight machines, medicine balls, balance boards, body weight, plyometrics, ropes and more. On the off-chance there's an exercise you recommend to your clients that is not included in our extensive library, you can add it yourself (with orwithout a video picture/streaming video) for your own exclusive use.

Your Own Personalized Website Pages -- You get up to 15 pages to customize any way you want. Some of these are public pages that potential clients can access to learn more about your services. Include your personal statistics, services you offer, rates, or anything you want.

My Active Profile Customizable Client Page -- On this MySpace-like home page that is unique for each one of your clients, they have the ability to have their very own webpage that they can customize themselves. They get to:  upload personal pictures, keep an online diary, add personal streaming videos, access links for outdoor activities & maps in their LOCAL area, login adherence tracking and more.

Social Networking Features -- Clients can choose to share their My Active Profile page with friends and family. Friends and family can track the client's wellness journey and even add message posts to the client's private page.

Customizable Newsletter: You have the option of sending a ready-to-use newsletter to both your clients and prospects every month. We provide the rich content. You add your personal touch -- like your company name, website address, upcoming event information... anything you want to include.You even can customize it based on who you are sending it to -- you can include one set of information for your clients and a separate message for your prospects!

TeamUp Fitness -- This provides powerful collaboration features trainers can offer their clients to encourage group workout and fitness success. Create unlimited numbers of teams in order to group individuals together and set their goals for success. Each team gets its OWN, unique home page where team members can interact with each other, add pictures, videos and private messages.. Trainers manage all aspects of the team setup and execution.

Accountability Workout Logs -- Provide your clients with extra encouragement and motivation to complete the workouts that they do on their own. Our unique accountability system provides your client with printable weekly workout logs for them to keep track of the exercises they complete. And, each week they can log in and provide information on which exercises they completed, how frequently they worked out and how they felt about the workouts. There are two workout log options: a high-level log and another one that is very detailed. In addition, they also have the option of providing weekly information and feedback on their food consumption. This is valuable information for you to review for planning their future training sessions. Your clients don't have to wait until their next session to provide this information. You also have the option of creating your own custom workout log.

Automated E-mail Alerts -- Through your membership you can set-up weekly recurring e-mails that are automatically sent to your clients. These are sent automatically from your e-mail address to the clients that you request. You pick the day of the week you want it sent, who to send it to and type your message. We do the rest for you. Send workout reminders, motivational words, log reminders, or anything else.

Extensive Nutritional Database -- You and your clients can access a database of nearly 7,000 unique food items to look up data such as calories, carbohydrates, etc. as well as a portions calculator.

Create Custom Meal Plans and Grocery Lists -- Provide your clients with specific nutritional information to help them succeed. You can build for your clients custom weekly meal plans that provide every single detail about their menu and even includes grocery lists. All of this is done with the guidance of the latest 2005 USDA food pyramid information. Or, you instead can create a custom USDA-recommended meal plan outline that gives them specific details on what they should be eating every day, helps guide them through caloric recommendations and making right food choices. It also provides an abundance of valuable information about servings, food categories and more. All based on the very newest food pyramid recommendations.

FitTracker -- Track your clients progress and their goals. Our FitTracker tool allows you to easily create charts for quick view access to see what progress your clients are making so you can make informed changes. The professional, easy-to-use charts let you spend more time focusing on your business.

Podcasting -- You can create complete audio workouts that your clients can take with them anywhere, so even when you aren't physically with your clients, you can still guide and support them. Additionally, Podcasting can also be used to record your motivational words to give your clients the friendly, tough-love boost they sometimes need during their daily lives.

Fitness Articles -- Don't waste any more of your valuable time or money making photocopies of relevant fitness articles and advice to hand-out to your clients. TrainerForce will provide your clients with links to all the latest fitness information.

Daily Fitness Tips -- Each day that your client logs-in to your website, they'll receive a new fitness tip.

Ready-To-Go Workout Routines -- Access 100s of pre-fab strength training workout routines that you can utilize for your clients to help keep their programs fresh and prevent burnout. You may use them as they are or also edit them.

Offer Membership Levels -- With TrainerForce you can create multiple different membership options for your clients and therefore offer different rates based on what your clients get. You choose exactly what you want each of your clients to have access to on your website. For example, one level may have access to everything and another level may only have access to one or two of the features. It's totally flexible.

Client Assessment Forms -- Provide your new clients with comprehensive assessments forms they complete online. The forms include medical history, exercise regimen, personal statistics, and fitness goals. This allows you to learn all the important information about your clients to help you create their workout plans. Plus, you even have the option of creating your own custom forms to gather any additional client information you need.

Healthy Recipes & Nutrition Tips -- As a fitness professional, you know that exercise is only a part of the equation. Good nutrition and physical activity go hand-in-hand. Your clients need to both exercise and eat healthy to be most successful on their fitness journey. With TrainerForce you can provide them with healthy recipes they can cook at home and also nutritional tips that they can use when eating out or at home.

Valuable Fitness Charts -- Exercisers often become obsessed with "the scale". You can encourage them to instead track their progress through body fat percentage, BMI, etc. With TrainerForce they can access fitness information charts 24/7.

Food Journal  -- For many dieters the most effective way to change their eating habits and improve their nutritional intake is through tracking what they eat every day. To help make tracking easier for your clients, we'll provide them with an online food journal where they can easily input their breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. You also have the option of creating your own custom food journal.

Message Board  -- Offer your clients another level of encouragement and accountability. They will have access to a message board where they can post and receive messages from your other clients (and from you). The board will provide them with a another level of encouragement and help. And, you'll be able to send broadcast messages to all of your clients at once in just one easy step. This could include messages of encouragement, reminders or changes in your training schedule.

Group E-mails  -- You can e-mail all of your clients at once with just one click. Great for sending updates about your training availability or messages of encouragement and support.

Monthly Fitness Newsletter  -- Features fitness articles, exercise move of the month, healthy recipes, and fitness tips. Available online or it can be delivered directly to your client's e-mail address.

Add Your Own Custom Exercises  -- With TrainerForce, you can even add your very own custom exercise options. You add the image, the instructions, etc. These are only viewable to you and your clients (not other TF members). With our advanced levels, you can even assign streaming videos to clients. With our library of more than 1,100 exercises plus your ability to add even more exercises, you'll always have your competition beat on variety.

Multiple custom website pages -- You can provide content about your services, background, etc. on up to 9 personalized public website pages. In addition you have the opportunity to provide unique content to your members such as adding your own tips, articles, recipes and more on up to another 6 custom webpages.

Marketing Tips and Guidance -- Included with your membership is access to our personal training marketing section. This area gives you loads of valuable advice to help you market your site both for online training and also for in-person training.

Website Hosting -- With your membership all the web hosting costs for your site are included with our extremely low price. That means you don't have to buy hosting from a third party and spend more money!

Professional Fitness Images -- We provide you with access to dozens of professional website graphic images that you can use on your own TF webpages to enhance the look and create a fitness theme.

You get all of this for as little as just $19.99 per month. At such an affordable rate, this is the best money you can spend on your business!



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Single Trainer

Add Multiple Trainers

(all trainers will access the same administrative/client area)




$20 setup

  $29.99 (per month)*   $19.99 (per month)*  
      $24.99 for each add'l trainer   $19.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*   $14.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*  




Single Trainer

Add Multiple Trainers





$20 setup

  $39.99 (per month)*   $29.99 (per month)*  
      $34.99  for each add'l trainer   $29.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*   $24.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*  


Single Trainer

Add Multiple Trainers





$20 setup

$54.99 (per month)* $44.99 (per month)*  
  $49.99  for each add'l trainer $44.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer* $39.99 (per month) for each add'l trainer*

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