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See how it all adds up...


With TrainerForce You Pay As Little As $19.99 per month! Buy our features separately from different vendors and see how the costs quickly add up.

TrainerForce Cost

Others' Costs

Customizable Client Newsletter »


$60 per month

Meal Plan Generator and Meal Library »


$50 per month

Workout Creator »


$40 per month

Web Hosting »


$10 per month

The Difference Is Clear!

With TrainerForce you pay ONE low cost (as low as $19.99 per month)!

$160 per month

8 TIMES more than with TrainerForce


Plus, look at all the features included with your TrainerForce membership that you CAN'T get anywhere else!



Client Customizable Webpage -- Your Clients can add photos, videos, journal entries and more

Access workouts, Meal Plans and more through a mobile device

TeamUp Fitness virtual team module

Phone Log -- Give Clients A Unique Number For Recording Logs

Educations Streaming Videos and Podcasts recorded by an RD

Upload Your Own Streaming Videos

Add Podcasts For Your Clients

Free Membership In The Online Personal Training Association


  We Provide 100% of What You Need

We Give You Exactly What You Need To Support Your In-Person Clients And To Train Clients Online.

You Get All This With Your TrainerForce Membership PLUS the ability to completely customize YOUR website to match how YOU want to train online.

No other system is as complete and proven.


Simply Compare our Features with all the rest -- TrainerForce is the clear choice:


only 75%

How our Trainer Wizard features

stand apart:

  • Make great workouts FAST

  • 15 Customizable Webpages

  • Ability to create Membership Levels

  • Automated client mail alerts

  • Customizable webpage header

  • 100s of ready-to-use workout programs


 only 50%

How our Nutrition Navigator features

stand apart:

  • Ability to create custom Meal Plans

  • Give clients complete matching Grocery Lists

  • Large Nutritional Database for look up

  • Fully integrated into the TrainerForce website, you can customize to fit your needs



only 35%

How our FitTracker Dashboard features

stand apart:

  • Clients can track their fitness goals and progress using advanced 3D charts and graphs.

  • You get quick view access to see what progress your clients are making so you can make informed changes

  • The easy-to-use charts let you spend more time focusing on your business

  • Ability to create your own charts -- no limit on how you use TrainerForce to help your business


But it doesn't end with all these cutting-edge features...Most importantly, when you partner with TrainerForce you are partnering with the most PROVEN and EXPERIENCED online personal training system in the world!



only 20%

No other provider has this much

Proven Experience:

  • Proven technology that was developed and is STILL used by the internet's premiere online personal trainer

  • Our technology has been used to train 10,000s of clients around the world

  • We utilize our online experience and our TF client's feedback to continually improve and add to our technology monthly -- we always help you grow your business


Get Started Today with the Most Complete, Experienced Online Personal Training System.

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