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"In this era, fitness professionals need to use the Internet to advance their careers to the top. Having a website is no longer a luxury... it's a necessity," says Curb Ivanic, owner of Ultra Fitness, in the July-Aug 2004 edition of Idea Fitness Journal.


As a fitness professional, it is important to stay tuned into the things occupying your clients?free time, keeping them connected to other like-minded people and even educating them. A great way to do that is to give your clients direct access to these resources through your own website ?while increasing your retention rates. You can provide your clients with high-tech communication tools right now without being a techie yourself.

With TrainerForce, you can deliver streaming videos, audio (podcasting) and social networking services to your clients. And that's just one small piece of what TrainerForce delivers! It helps fitness professionals and health clubs be more efficient with their time while providing their clients with invaluable resources, such as online workout programs, meal plans, progress charts and logs, along with the latest popular communication tools.

Use Streaming Videos to Showcase Your Business

With the TrainerForce system, you can easily add streaming videos to your personal website pages for a variety of purposes. A few examples include: showcase your studio or club in an interactive video tour, create your own online video fitness shows or educate through video demonstrations.

Podcasting can provide trainers with a unique opportunity to be a driving force for clients when they need you the most...when you are not physically present! Providing motivational podcasts based on clients' goals and past accomplishments will allow you to assist your clients on "their time".  Excerpted from the January 2007 edition of IDEA Fitness Journal.

Record Podcasts for Client Support

It seems that everyone has an Apple iPod or a similar player today. But increasingly, it is being used for more than just music. People are listening to books, radio shows and more through these devices.

Now you can use Podcasting to improve your business. With TrainerForce, you can create complete audio workouts that your clients can take with them anywhere, so even when you aren͊ physically with your clients, you can still guide and support them. Additionally, Podcasting can also be used to record your motivational words to give your clients the friendly, tough-love boost they sometimes need during their daily lives.

Provide Clients with Their Own Online Journal

Giving your clients their own 頁ctive Profile?webpage, like a Facebook for fitness, through your TrainerForce website allows clients to create a communication tool personalized by them. It has valuable accountability features ?such as daily written and video diaries, progress tracking and healthy activity guides ?to keep your clients on track towards their goals. Recording progress and sharing with others is now as easy as logging in.

Tools to Help Your Business

By combining these online communication tools into your PT business, you strengthen the relationship you have with your clients. You become a virtually unlimited resource to them with hardly any extra effort. TrainerForce brings all these features together with the most proven, complete online personal training system available.


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